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Taking out the Trash

A friend recently encountered an interesting issue with their iMac. They were having trouble entering their Trash the traditional way (right-click empty or from the finder). This was the awesome fix for them: empty the trash from the Terminal. This actually has... read more

When all else fails, use Terminal.

I love linux. As such, I naturally prefer Mac to Windows for my main computer. I reference Terminal often, so I thought I better give a quick reference to this piece of awesomeness for the beginner. Terminal is a program found in the utility folder of Mac OS X.... read more

Droplet Backups on Digital Ocean

I use Digital Ocean for most of my web hosting. Today, I decided to launch a site from a droplet. After pointing the DNS and adding the correct DNS records, I went to turn on backups. Apparently, Digital Ocean does not allow you to turn on backups on a droplet post-creation. Here are the steps I took to solve this.

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Terminal Quick Fixes

One of my computers is a 2012 Macbook Pro. For some lazy reason, I have never upgraded from the 4gb of RAM that came with it. As someone that loves to multitask, I often find myself suffering under the oppression of memory leaks and bloated applications bogging down my mac. This leads to all kinds of sadness. I’ve decided to post about my struggles and offer up some quick terminal commands that may help when your mac freezes or slows down.

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Hey there! Welcome to my new site!

Thought I’d quick post and welcome y’all! I’m currently working at importing exported blog posts from my past travels and portfolios. It’s a little time consuming, because I am trying to clean up posts and give credit to photographer’s that have granted me use of there photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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Days Off the Grid

Our time at Farewell Spit was very unique. Surrounded by glittering chilled seawater, scorched by the sun, blown about by gail force winds, and stung by sifting and wind tossed sands, we worked long days.

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Finally got back from our long day’s work at 7:30pm. We’re all exhausted, sun dried, and hungry. This was by far our most exhausting day. My shoulders finally burned enough to start peeling, even with three coats of sun screen today. We all feel accomplished and ready to move on to our next site, Farewell Spit. Our northward journey to the spit will take two days, stopping in Nelson for a night. Tomorrow morning we will be rising with the sun and hitting the road early.

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Working at Edoras

Today we decided to work in the shadow of Edoras! We drove to the Mount Sunday walking track and hiked in a ways to setup our equipment. Following our normal routine, we setup the ERT equipment together, and then started using the GPR equipment.

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