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Terminal Quick Fixes

One of my computers is a 2012 Macbook Pro. For some lazy reason, I have never upgraded from the 4gb of RAM that came with it. As someone that loves to multitask, I often find myself suffering under the oppression of memory leaks and bloated applications bogging down my mac. This leads to all kinds of sadness. I’ve decided to post about my struggles and offer up some quick terminal commands that may help when your mac freezes or slows down.

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Hey there! Welcome to my new site!

Thought I’d quick post and welcome y’all! I’m currently working at importing exported blog posts from my past travels and portfolios. It’s a little time consuming, because I am trying to clean up posts and give credit to photographer’s that have granted me use of there photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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2.5 km of GPR

Today was a blast. We finished shooting GPR along the highway (another 1km). After that, we took a break for a snack back at the house. Then we went out and shot another very long line along a road leading into a river (1.5km). After that we broke for a lunch and some pictures.

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Shooting Lines of GPR

Today, we shot our first big lines of GPR, after testing our equipment yesterday. In the morning, we did a 600m line along a highway, and then a 550m line through a chilly flooded rain forest in the afternoon. By the end of the day we were all tired and soaked to the bone. Occasional glimpses of the sun were much appreciated.

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Testing Testing 1 2 3

Our first day with the tech was spent testing out all of our equipment. Even though we were just testing, we collected a lot of interested data. We used electrical resistivity tomography, ground penetrating radar, and a laser leveler to add corrective topographic information to our data. The entire day was spent sandwiched between Kwitchatown and the crashing waves of the west coast.

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Scouting the Coast for a Spot

After traveling and vacationing around the islands, we finally started our research on January 3rd. We spent the day scouting our locations to shoot ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography. We drove as far as Jackson Bay, where we took a pit stop to walk out on the pier and watch a guy fish.

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NZ Research Team Meetup

After meeting up with Harry and David on January 2nd, we grabbed out gear in Christchurch, and headed toward Haast. Along the way, we checked out a glacier and took some pictures. Most of the day was spent driving through the mountains with terrible rain and gail force winds.

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Traveling with a Headache

Day five, New Years Day, was our big travel day. We only grabbed an hour or two of sleep, before getting a taxi to the InterIslander Ferry. The ferry to the south island was a few hours. Once we landed, we rode a bus several hours to Christchurch where we spent the night.

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Dusk to Dawn cRaZy

We celebrated New Years until close (4am). We hit nearly all the major bars and clubs in Wellington, including Boogie Wonderland, The Famous, and more. I’m sure we can all agree that The Famous was the craziest place that evening! We made it back to the hotel with about two hours to pack and head to the InterIslander ferry in the morning!

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On to Wellington

Day three, we covered more distance than any other single day so far. We left our hostel and headed to Napier, where we spend a couple hours checking out the bustling downtown area. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a local sushi place and bakery, then checked out the... read more
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